Sunday, March 21, 2010

If Alex can do it, maybe I can too....

So here I am staring at this page wondering what I am doing here. I am definitely not a writer like my dad and sister are. They seem to be blessed the ability to be witty and intelligent all at the same time.....I am just goofy. So why am I here? I thought it might be fun to write my thoughts down. Most of my days are filled talking to my 8 month old....and he just smiles and drools back. So here it goes...

Today Madison was having an off day with the dog.......he got excited and wagged his tail at breakfast which caused her milk to spill and later she was standing with a bag of popcorn which also was knocked over by the dogs tail. She looked up at me with her huge brown eyes and said "Mom, I'm not lucky." Her eyes filled with tears as she crawled into my lap and buried her face into my shoulder. I talked to her about all of the reason's she is most definitely lucky and explained that it was the dog's tails fault that her mishaps happened today. I also told her that I am VERY clumsy and it probably runs in the family. She smiled at me and ran off, content with what I had said.
Our conversation got me thinking about my own luck...I am so lucky to be the mother of four beautiful children, that seem to be adjusting well to the life that I have made for them. They are happy, amazing kids that show compassion to their peers and usually try to do the right thing (they are still kids, they can't be perfect.) I am married to a wonderful man who chooses to be with me even though I have three little kids. He cares for them and treats them as his own and loves me even with all of my faults (he probably will never read this blog though). I have an ex-husband (and his wife) who want to be involved with the kids and do their best to keep everything friendly and happy for their sake. I have my parents who have taken care of me and loved me even when it was hard. My brother and sisters and I get along amazingly and try to get together as often as possible (along with their wonderful significant others). There is also my newest blessing Garrett who has made my life even more fun. Blessings....that is what all of those things are. I am amazingly blessed. It is hard to always remember that when the small things in life get me down, but I need to do just that-remember how blessed I am.

Alright time for me to stop gushing about my AMAZINGLY blessed life. I am sure there are about one hundred grammatical errors throughout this blog. But I did it!

Time to change Garrett's poopy diaper.

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  1. Yay!!! No matter what you think, you are a great writer, and I definitely think this is an amazing post. It made me very, very happy. It's always good for all of us to stop and think about what blessings we have. It's supposed to make us happier stuff. But yeah, I hope you keep up with the blog... I love reading about how you guys are doing, especially when we don't get to talk every day. Give the kids lots of hugs for me. Miss you!