Saturday, July 31, 2010


For those of you that know me, you know that a few years back I was blessed enough to start a liturgical dance group with a sweet woman. You also know that when I had to leave it behind to move back to Do-da land it was extremely difficult. I wondered if God put in that place to help that sweet woman get her running start and that's it or if this new place would have something similar for me. I prayed about it for a few years and heard nothing so I backed off....until about 7 months ago.

I went to church with my sister and mother and as we were waiting for the service to start, I began to recognize the song playing in the was the first song that we choreographed together. Hmmm I thought to my self. What great memories! Then pastor began speaking. His entire sermon was on not ignoring or neglecting the gifts God gives you to worship him and praise him. I giggled and to myself is this a sign....and then my one of my family members said to me without knowing about what I had been talking to God about"When do you think you will start dancing at a church again?" (Not word for word mind you...its been seven months and my brain is fried) I felt a chill run through my body and the breath escape from my lips......just as the pastor put a slide of a person dancing up. He started using dance as an example of a gift to praise with and how ignoring your gifts is directly ignoring Gods plan for you. Then the worship band played the last song that my friend and I choreographed together. I started crying, almost sobbing. God was speaking to me. Hadn't forgotten me. Wasn't done with me. But what did this mean? Start at this church? By myself? With someone else? I didn't know what to do. Instead of acting, I remained quiet. Hoped he would reveal more.

The next few months were eerily similar every time I went to church......pastor always mentioned dance some how and I felt God's presence. I prayed that He would show me when he wanted this to happen and how, because again I didn't feel like I should approach this on my own. This past Sunday I was sitting before church listening to the music when I started to see myself dancing with another person. Not unusual because I would see her at a Scottish Dance practice I would have later that afternoon. I figured she was just on my mind. When I got to practice she pulled me aside and said that the pastor in charge of the local Highland Games asked if she would do a liturgical dance for the blessings of the plaids service. She said as soon as he asked she felt like she should immediately ask me to do it with her. I no longer believe in coincidences lol. Sometimes part of listening to what He has planed for you is being willing to wait for it to be the right time. Not on my time, but his. I have no idea what will come of all this. Might end up being a one time deal. But I feel blessed that he has chosen to use me this way again. To let me use the gift he has given me as a way to worship with other people. I am so blessed.
Ok I am done rambling. Most of you probably think I am crazy now and that's ok. Enjoy your Saturday!